Child Occupied

The EPA’s definition of a Child Occupied Facility is not what you may think. The definition includes any facility that regularly hosts children under 6 years old in addition to any home or area that children live full time. This definition is designed to protect children that regularly visit a location, though they may not live there. Some locations that would be considered Child Occupied Facilities include:

  • Schools and day cares
  • Churches
  • Regular babysitters homes
  • Homes of grandparents, family members, or friends who provide after school or part time care
  • Non-custodian parent’s home (if they have regular visitation rights)
  • Any location that a child spends more than 6 hours a week in 2 separate visits

Maintenance personnel at all child occupied facilities will be required to become Certified Renovators and follow all lead-safe work practices. All child-occupied facilities must become Certified Firms if they have dedicated maintenance personnel or will be performing maintenance and repair work on the properties.