Lead Inspections

Does your home have lead? If you have never had it tested, you may not know. Even if you have had it tested, the report may no longer be accurate.

Our professional testing and consulting services, and a lead-based paint (LBP) inspection includes a full screening of every painted surface in your home. Once you know where the lead is, you can protect your family from lead poisoning by carefully monitoring it for cracking, peeling, chalking, and other forms of deterioration.

Accelerated Risk Management, LLC offers the following lead consulting services:

  • Lead Inspection Services
  • Lead Risk Assessment Services
  • Lead Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Plans
  • Lead Abatement Consulting

Having a LBP Inspection Report will also allow you to have renovation and repair work done faster and cheaper because you can provide a contractor with an inspection report. Some surfaces cannot be tested for lead by a contractor. With this in mind, you may end up paying for precautions that are not necessary. With an LBP Report, a contractor will not have to test for lead and will be able to bid the work accurately because they know exactly what they are dealing with up front.

If you are interested in having your home inspected for lead, please download and complete this form. Please return the completed form via fax, mail or e-mail to the address below. Once it is received, we will contact you with a quote and further information.

E-Mail: llachine@acceleratedrm.com
Fax: 205.278.6934
Address: P.O. Box 101043 | Birmingham, AL 35210